The beauty of creating life and producing a child is exciting and a wonderful experience for mothers. Despite the joy that comes with giving life, the body changes undergone by women can be traumatizing and depressing to deal with.
It’s kind of awkward knowing what to do with the stretch marks and bulging stomach, and having to endure certain looks from strangers when you are not with the child in question. Some women become depressed after having a child, not because they do not love the child in question but because it’s difficult embracing the changes that come after childbirth.
Dealing with a postpartum body is difficult but there are ways to deal with your post-partum body.

Appreciate your body
You created life. It’s not easy performing one of life’s greatest miracles and bouncing afterwards. Take a look at the six pounds creature you pushed out from your vagina and take pride in yourself.
No social media
You may want to avoid social media and images of celebrities with their perfect post-partum body. Filling yourself with positive image will help you heal faster. There is no time frame to losing that post-partum weight, keeping yourself in good health and your baby safe and protected is all that matters.
Create and enjoy your ‘me’ time
No one is asking you to start going to the gym or running miles to lose that body post-partum weight. This is making out time to pamper yourself and do things that make you feel right. Painting your toe nails while your baby is asleep or having your hair dresser come around to fuss up with your hair and make you look pretty. Or simply spending time with your baby and watching the life you have created. Do whatever makes you happy.
Go shopping
Wearing clothes that fit can be a huge confidence booster for you. Guess what, you suddenly became thicker and wearing clothes that fit and shows your new curves can be a reliever until you lose that weight. But for now, enjoy your new weight gain and wear it proudly,
Get intimate
Feeling appreciated and loved is a huge turn on and a confidence booster. Although having a baby requires a lot of attention, it is advisable to enjoy those intimate moments with your partner again. Be free with your body, you may not be ready to start having sex again but it’s never too soon to give and receive pleasure, anything to make you appreciate your sexiness.
It’s a process
Remember how scared and excited you were about the idea of having a child inside of you, the stage of dealing with your cravings, morning sickness and extreme mood swing. Remember how you scaled through every stage to transition to the great stage of motherhood. That’s the same process dealing with your postpartum body. Your hormones may be overacting now but give it time to settle down, while doing that enjoy the gift of motherhood and allow it all fall in place.
You are perfect
You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are strong, you are a survivor, you are a woman and you are a mother. Remind yourself daily of how far you have come, hang around women who have tackled such feelings and moved past it. Wear your scars proudly and don’t stop being amazing.

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