How to get over your ex

It is true break-ups can be messy and annoying especially when we still have feelings for the person or when we are on the receiving end of the break-up stick. A break-up though is an agreement between two people to go different ways same way they both agreed to get together. It is no secret that it hurts less when you are the one breaking the ice cos that way you’re already prepared for it but what do you do when you get dumped? How do you move on when the person you love or loved doesn’t want you anymore?

Comfort food; it is important you allow yourself feel the pain instead of forming badass and ignoring the pain. Comfort foods are foods that help heal your broken heart, they are especially high in calories and definitely bad for your health, readily available e.g ice cream, chocolate bars, pizza, cake, etc. DO NOT LOSE YOURSELF IN THESE FOODS. So cry for 2days and get off the comfort foods, it’s important that you stay alive and sexy.

Do not obsess over him; don’t go checking his facebook or instagram or snapchat story to see who he is hanging out with or if he is moving on fine without you. Your happiness isn’t tied to him and checking him on social media won’t help you get over him.

Focus on yourself; being single is a great time to discover or rediscover yourself. We sometimes forget how amazing we really are in the process of loving someone else. Use this time to focus on yourself. Spend time with yourself, hang out with your friends, do the things that make you really happy, the brain releases some feel good chemicals when we work out, work out.

Rebound sex; rebound sex is defined as a desire to ease the pain of losing a relationship by indulging in sexual activities. It could be with someone you just met or with someone you used to know, anybody but the ex. While rebound sex may have its perks, it also has its cons. So, think carefully before indulging in rebound sex. we can’t deny the fact that good sex has a way of easing our mind and making us feel better.

Do not have revenge sex; revenge sex is when you indulge in sexual activities so as to hurt your ex. This is a NO! NO!! NO!!! It doesn’t help get over your ex by sleeping with his friend or brother neither does it help you get over him. It only proves that you’re still focused on him and we don’t want that.

Stand tall, believe in yourself. You are a queen. One bad guy doesn’t mean they’re all bad. It may have been a beautiful relationship but since it didn’t last, it wasn’t the relationship you thought it was, it was toxic. Stay confident, stay beautiful, stay black and stay strong

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