How to give the best erotic massage ever

Did you know you can unleash the naughty in your partner with an erotic massage?

What makes massages so great is the warming feeling of being touched all over. It is relaxing and soothing for a lot of people but you can make it exciting and arousing too

Two types of massages that can add color to your sex life:

1. An erotic massage
2. A tantric massage

These two massages are not the same. Nope. But they are both very sensual and very, very exciting for alot of people.

What is the big difference?

Erotic massage


An Erotic Massage is where all your happy ending fantasies come true. It focuses on heightening your senses to every touch and every sensation and bringing you to climax without actual sex.

Tantric Massage taps into the idea of sacred sexuality. This particular type of massage is used to target the woman’s vagina while learning to approach it with the utmost love and adoration. Whereas erotic massage focuses on arousal, tantric massages focus on healing and intimacy.

Because of what they focus on, you have to be more mindful of when to introduce them into your relationship.


Interested in giving your partner the best erotic massage of their life?

Erotic massage quote
Start by setting the mood.

Music, lights and everything nice. Light candles. Wear their favorite fragrance and dress the part. Make a playlist of songs that fit the mood.

Keep your props ready.

Oils, lube, toys, towels. Keep everything you’ll need close to you. You dont want to ruin the mood by running around.

Use your words.

Sexy talk not dirty talk. Let them pick a safe word just incase they want to tap out.

Take sex off the table.

Let your hands do the magic. Think of what it feels like few seconds to orgasm. That’s the feeling you want to give them.

Play around with arousal with your partner.

Trace your partner moving from the outline of their body inward towards their genitals. Experiment with light touches around their genitals and staying close but not touching them directly.

When your partner becomes highly aroused, slow down and retreat. Knead on other parts of their body and repeat.
The idea? Bring them to the edge of climax a few times and then withdraw.

Do this as many times as possible and watch how aroused you’ll make them.
Finally bring them to a powerful climax. With your hands or a love toy.

Tip: Try to keep sex off the table. An erotic massage can have an happy ending without actual sex.

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