As interesting as it may seem, the shower can be one of the trickiest places to engage in intimate pleasure and sex. In the movies, shower sex scenes are portrayed as hot, steamy, intense mind blowing sexual exercise you should try out, but you could be in for big fat disappointment if you don’t know how to have shower sex the right way.

There are a few pros and cons to take note of when engaging in shower sex.


Shower sex are romantic and exciting but it is almost impossible to try out different complex positions, chances are that you may slip and fall.

I recommend that you get a bath mat to avoid slippage, few anti-slip stickers and also install a bar handle to firmly grip, for positions that may require support like doggy position. This is to prevent slips and falls that may result in injury.


Having sex in water or shower in this case, dries out all the lovely natural lubrication, making shower sex really uncomfortable and occasionally painful for ladies whose vagina are not able  to produce a whole lot of natural lubrication. Don’t even think of getting soap down there.

Instead, bring a silicon based lubricant into the shower, water-based lubricant washes away too easily.


If you intend on using condom during sex, it is best advised that you stay on dry land. Because of buoyancy, shower sex and condoms might be a difficult mix. Getting a steady rhythm might be almost impossible, also the condom may slip away.

Instead, all foreplay and oral sex should be done in the shower, while the actual penetrative sex should be away from the shower. It doesn’t have to be on the bed, you could hover over at the sink for a good doggy.

The feeling of being constantly clean is a big pro, but the possibility of slipping and getting injured, is a big con.


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