How To Pick your First Sex Toy

To start with, sex toys are not for nymphos and single or unmarried women. That is so untrue. Sex toys are for everybody; happily married couples, single men and women with healthy relationships and healthy sex lives, or just generally, people who are learning to explore their bodies or their partner’s pleasure.

Whether you want to start off small with a flavored lubricant or bullet vibrator or fancy trying an anal sex toy, this guide will help you pick your first sex toy.

What kind of pleasure are you looking for?

I’m a WOMAN looking for… Try a…
Clitoral stimulation Clitoral VibratorBullet Vibrator
Vaginal or G-spot stimulation Dildo, Classic Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator
Both clitoral and vaginal stimulation Rabbit Vibrator,
Something very discreet Mini Vibrator, Extra Quiet Vibrator
I’m a MAN looking for… Try a…
Lifelike look and feel Realistic Vagina, Fleshlight
Discreet and non-anatomical Male Masturbator, TENGA Toy
Realistic sex Sex Doll
Prostate stimulation Prostate Massager
We’re a COUPLE looking for… Try a…
A sex toy to improve sex Vibrating Cock RingCock Ring
A sex toy to use together on him Male Masturbator, TENGA Toy
A sex toy to use together on her Bullet Vibrator, Dual Point Vibrator
Something a bit kinky Blindfold, Feather Tickler, Pair of Handcuffs

Next, you look for these product details..

How it measures up: Find out just how big that toy is. Pay attention to the overall length , the insertable length, and the circumference (which is measured at the widest girth of the toy). Will this be a comfortable fit for you?

How it feels: Is it flexible? Does the shape feel right? What material is it made off? You want to look for a toy that is flexible, fits in your palm or in/on your body right and is made of materials that are not harmful to you.

Power and speed: Here you look at power and battery type and also speed of vibration. Some vibrators have more than one points of vibrations, some are just really fast. If you need a discreet sex toy, you may also want to look at noise level.

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