Sex is a beautiful activity which comprises of not only penetration, but also uses your sense of taste. Your tongue is an amazing organ which has the ability to deliver erotic pleasure to your partner if you know how to use it well. We know that the tongue is an organ of taste, but when it comes to erotic pleasure, it is an organ of exploration and foreplay. I will share with you a list of few things you should try out with your tongue. Enjoy!


We know it is necessary for tongues to intertwine when kissing, but it can also do other things. You can take out a moment to halt kissing and have your tongue gently trace the outline of your partners’ lips. Believe me this would send a tingling sensation through his/her body which is a good turn on.


We know the tongue is majorly used for licking, but this time, you are going to use it the trace the outline of your partners’ body, like his/her ears for instance.  Allow your tongue travel through your partners’ ears, put your tongue in his/her and wiggle it a bit. It will tickle, but it would also get them in the mood. Also allow you tongue to trace the outline of his/her neck, down through his/her body till you get the hips. Let your tongue trace the joint between the waist and the hips, and watch as you partner moan with pleasure.


No foreplay is complete without sucking, you have suck something. Here I will direct you to the nipples, while sucking the nipples, use your tongue to flick them. Using your tongues to flick your partners nipples heighten whatever sensation they are feeling and it is good.


The tongue is the major organ for oral sex, whether you are sucking a dick or lapping a pussy, allow your tongue explore, while you enjoy as your partner reacts to your exploration. Don’t hold back, allow your tongue do its work with ease.

It is important that you are cautious while using your tongue, this is to avoid drooling all over your partner and spreading saliva all over their body.

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