Dear Mahogany,
Help! I’m in deep shit. I read your article about causes of missed periods other than pregnancy and I’ve been trying to compensate myself with that. My period is over two weeks late which rarely happens even when I take contraceptive pills. Recently, I find myself standing in the front of the mirror daily observing my body.
My breasts are getting sensitive, just the way they do when I’m about to see my period. I’ve done four pregnancy tests using the test strip but the results have been negative. I want to feel elated but I’m restless, what if I’m pregnant. I’m scared of doing the blood test alone because I do not know what to expect. Just recently, someone commented that I look fatter and I’ve been having thick white discharge to make things worse. What does this mean.
KO, 25.

Dear KO,
We appreciate your trust in us at Mahogany and your visit to the blog. There are various reasons you may have missed your period just like you read on the blog even though you are not pregnant. I would advise you to carry out a blood test, test strips may be effective but blood tests are highly effective. If you are scared, go with someone you trust to stay with you.
The odds of you being pregnant or not even after the negative test results is a 50/50 chance. Well, there are several reasons why your test results may come out negative if you are pregnant or you may be having white discharge when you are not pregnant.
• You may have taken the test too early which is kind of difficult to detect by the pregnancy hormone HCG. The urine test strip may be faulty or you are not taking it the proper way. Your first urine of the day pro
• You might have ovulated late last month which would make your periods later than usual.
• You may be pregnant with twins or triplets. And with such occurrence the test strip may find it impossible to detect any sign of pregnancy.
•Birth control: just like you explained about taking contraceptives, birth control can be a major factor that can affect your pregnancy test results while giving you a white discharge common to women during early pregnancy.
• PCOD: this is known as Polycystic ovarian syndrome and is a form of imbalance in the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Women with this issue have irregular periods and can experience such problem similar to negative results.
I understand that you are scared, but you may not be pregnant, sometimes stress, anxiety and excessive exercise can affect our menstrual cycles and even pregnancy results. Please carry out a blood test to know the next line of action to take. We would be looking forward to hearing from you.

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