I think my boyfriend is a pedophile

I think my boyfriend is a pedophile – he likes sex with kids.

I’m not saying I have caught him in the act o! Don’t get me wrong, please. I just have this gut feeling from the kind of sex we have.  He is kinky and daring  (the kind of man I like, tbh) but he has these weird fetishes that creep me out.

He always wants me to dress up like a teenager or worse. He brings me school uniform to wear before we have sex and even white student socks. He even asked me to cut my hair short or wear a wig so he can remove it to see the cornrows underneath.

The worst is, he covers my mouth with his palm when he really gets into it and tells me to lie still or he will hurt me. This has happened a few times and he gets so happy and caring after we are done.

Is he a pedophile?  I’m afraid he may do something irrational to a kid soon (if he hasn’t already) but I’m not sure.

PS. He was not like this in our first three months of dating.

-A. Ade, 24

Dear A. Ade,

This is an heavy accusation to make of anyone. Because of the gravity of it, we would advice you to be 100 percent certain before taking any further actions.

When you are 100 percent sure (not speculating) whatever actions you choose to take, please do it anonymously. This is because you cannot be sure how he will react. If he is a violent man, he may lash out in many horrible ways to keep you from blowing his horn. That said, DO NOT TRY TO CONFRONT HIM ALONE, if ever!

Like most perversions, Pedophilia is rooted in upbringing and may be linked to childhood trauma or neurological trauma. You have to remember this. Not to elicit sympathy for him, but to make sure you recognize that if you are right about him, then he is sick and needs help.

Remember: Do not take any rash decisions. If you are wrong, you may ruin a man’s life out of suspicion.

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