I Wet!!!

I wet!! That’s Monique’s favorite line. Lol.. Yea,its exactly what u’re thinking. She’s always screaming that. Show her a hot guy and she goes..”I wet!”.. Show her a good picture of some abs..”I wet!”. Show her a really sexy scene..”I wet!” Worst of all is when she’s telling me ’bout a guy or a naughty thing she did,she’ll be like” babe,u go wet!” Lol.. That’s my crazy friend.
  Anyways,I was shopping jejeli* on my own,when this xtremely sexy person asked for my pictures. Immediately,I started ransacking my brain for a gud picture of me. Eventually,I couldn’t find the patience to search my phone. So I just sent the first three I could find.(I didn’t know how cute this person was at that time)
   Just when I sat down to wolf down my breakfast,this sexy somebody.. reciprocated with three very hot and sexy picture..babe, I wet!! Choi!.. I mean instant wetness! I finally understood why Mo’ use that line. Cos its the only phrase that can xplain exactly what happened to me at that moment..lol. Anyways,I really wish I could share those pictures with you guys but I can’t.. I don’t have the permission to do so. So pls manage this one,ok? Get wet!

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  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 09:43h, 24 July Reply

    Hmmmm,i'm really having fun.You wet huh? Nicee!

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