If wishes were horses

Joining the choir is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I watched him from the corner of my eye. He is the finest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. So many nights I touched myself to thoughts of him. The sound of his baritone voice teased my ear

“You’re to sing that line in harmony Christabel”

he said to me, looking me straight in my eye. Suddenly, it was just us two In the auditorium.

“I see how you look at me, you want me”

“I…I…” I stuttered

He walked towards me from across the room, I didn’t know what to think. Could this really be happening? Is the choir master really talking about sex with me? He stood right in front of me and kissed me. His lips were so soft, this couldn’t be right.

I rubbed my hands over his body and he was all muscles, hard and strong, just like In my imaginations. Jide sucked on my upper lips and traced his hands up my legs into my pant and gently massaged my pussy. His kisses suddenly became tougher and more aggressive. I backed up and ran into the piano, he turned me over on the piano, lifted my skirt up and put his dick inside me. I was dry when he entered me and it was initially painful but as he continues to fuck me, I gradually became wet until I was dripping. He pulled my hair and my scarf fell off. He picked it up, wrapped it around my neck and used it to strangle me. I pressed my hand on the keys of the piano and struck a loud note.

He fucked me so hard and I couldn’t even scream. It was awesome and just as suddenly and unexpected as it began, it ended.

“let us all make sure we learn our lines before the next rehearsal”

Jide’s voice made it way to my ears, bringing me back to reality. Only if wishes were horses.

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