I’m Bad at Texting but I Really Like Him

Dear Mahogany,

I’m really bad at texting guys. Like, really, really bad at it. I’m fine if I talk to someone I’m just friends with, but when it comes to someone I actually like, I end up saying really dumb things that make the conversation stall or boring.

I REALLY like this guy I just met and I’ll like to impress him. I think I got terrible at  texting  because most guys end up asking me to send nudes or only want to sex chat after a while.

Is there a way I can avoid that part with him and not be seen as a bore?

– Sonia

Dear Sonia,

There’s always the chance that you are chatting with a nasty perv who cannot wait five whole minutes before he’s asking you to ” send nudes”.  There’s also the chance that the perv only wants any picture that you are comfortable sending.

I’m leading with the nude picture thingy because it has made a lot of girls stiff and boring when they  chat with anyone of the opposite sex. Sometimes, those girls are responsible for their conversations going sexual and sour quickly.

For instance, when a friend asks for a picture of your house, workplace or anything, we tend to put our best foot forward and send them pictures of our favorite parts of the house or the most presentable. Now when a guy asks for a picture of you, a lot of girls feel the need to send “sexy” “hot” inappropriate pictures of themselves to a stranger because they think their cleavage or thighs are the  best parts of them.

Now i’m not blaming the girls for turning these men into weird sickos, but I’m saying you can “choose” the conversations you want to have and you can direct that conversation which ever way you want.

Be open, be yourself and chat as freely as you would with your friends or a colleague. Like you said, you’re only terrible at texting because you are being cautious. Stay cautious but remember you can grab the reins and steer that chat whichever you want, so go big!



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