Continue from: Imaginations pt 1.

Let’s continue our imaginations from where we stopped the last time. Our imaginations took us to a far away place where we meet with Samson.

As if an answer to your prayers, Samson approaches you and slowly crouch before you. You use your hands to feel his face, slowly making them travel through his soft, well moisturized dreads. You move them down to his chin to stroke his full, connecting beards. With each movement of your hands, you continue to make eye connection.

His green dreamy eye have the ability to melt your soul. Slowly he turns his face and places soft kisses on your palm. With each kisses your heart rate lowers. Samson smiles, then he whispers to you “breathe”.

Then he moves down and uses his hands to separate your thighs. You take in deep breath, and as the cool air reaches your lungs, you realize you are not wearing any undies under your white linen garment. Soon you begin to feel the tickle of his facial hairs on your labia. You try to relax and enjoy as he swipes facial hairs across your labia. Then he uses his tongue to separate your labia to reach your clitoris. Your lips begins to tremble as sweet warm sensations begins to travel through your body. Then his lips reaches your clitoris and his beards tickle the remaining parts of your feminine region.

As his tongue begins to stroke your clitoris, your eye sight begins to dim, whish of sensations travel through your entire body like a flash. You try to comport yourself, but instead you find yourself moaning and hold on to the bedsheets like your life depended on it, as Samson continues to use his tongue to tickle you clitoris.

Your honeypot begins to drip with the fresh honey that you are producing, and the air in the room being to smell of a mixture of sweat and juicy cum and the aroma is only getting you more horny. Suddenly, Samson deeps his fingers into your juicy pot, and you let out a loud moan. A moan so loud you feel like your lungs are about to explode.

You keep biting your lips and pulling on Samson’s soft dreads for comfort. And when you can’t bear it anymore, you pull Samson by his shoulder so he can come up to you. You begin to kiss him and you can feel the taste of your honey on his tongue. His breath mixes with yours to produce a horny mixture of air.

His kisses are smooth and sweet, and apart from the taste of the juicy cum on his tongue, you can feel another taste. Your brain takes it’s time before it remembered the taste, it was the cool sweet wine you had earlier. Samson stops kissing you, he uses his broad had to slide away the sleeves of your garment, and approaches you boobs with caution.

He plant soft kisses around your areola, and uses his tongue to sweep your nipple, while carefully caressing your other breast. You start to moan as deep heat begins to emanate from within you. Slowly he separates your legs and slides into you. His huge cock filling you up, you freeze in shock. He also freezes and doesn’t move so your pussy can adjust to the size of his manhood.

As soon as you adjust, he begins to stroke, slowly and steadily. You try to draw in air to breathe, but it seems like your lungs are dry and you about to panic. “Breathe” Samson whispers to you again.

Samson continues to stroke your pussy with his massive dick, front and back he goes as his lips continue to jump from one nipple to the other. His stroke game is good, the best you’ve ever had. He continues to stroke slowly and when you lift up your head, you can see the ease at which he moves his hips and waist, as he glides into you.

You sight begins to dim again, your head feels heavy with a mix of confusion. You begin to vibrate and it seems like you are convulsing. You’ve reached your climax and you are having an orgasm. You start to pant for air and breathing seems a bit difficult.

Relax, keep calm, breath in and out slowly. Relax it’s only just your imaginations.


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