Is kayanmata an aphrodisiac

Dear Mahogany

Are aphrodisiacs the same as kayanmata? Will it be able to keep a man? I went through your website and I saw different products to make a girl wet, get her turned on and all. I just wanted to know if it’s the same thing as kayanmata that can keep my man and get him wanting to sleep with me alone.

What does it even do? Is kayanmata an aphrodisiac too?

J, Abuja

Hey  J,

Thanks for reaching out. Going through our website means you either want to spice up your sex life or you are looking for the solution to an issue. To answer your question, kayanmata is an aphrodisiac. While most aphrodisiacs may include voodoo or special promises regarding others our aphrodisiacs are made solely for the user’s pleasure.

 Our sex enhancer products are aphrodisiacs made from natural fruits and nuts only. They are completely organic without any preservatives or anything out of the ordinary.

These sex enhancers are here to take you to the highest depth of pleasure you have ever imagined. To help you not only to enjoy sex they drive you to any  depth of pleasure you have ever imagined and more.

Our five products in the aphrodisiac section are there to boost your sexual desire in different ways.

The Mahogany’s naughty girl clit sensitizer gel works just like the name. A tiny gel applied to your clitoris would make any touch on the clitoris extra pleasurable. The naughty girl aphrodisiac taken at least two hours before sex will increase your wetness and give you better orgasms. If you experience vaginal dryness, taking the wet and wild aphrodisiac for two weeks can change the story. The yoni lift is for women who rarely feel any sexual response in their vagina when aroused. And if you enjoy vaginal orgasms, take this before sex.

Our products are made for you to enjoy sex naturally without any side effect. We can guarantee that they are 100% organic and natural without preservatives. And I know you deserve good sex and complete pleasure for yourself. You can only please a man when you are fully getting pleasure yourself. Tap into your sexual strengths and live your best sex life.

With love,


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