Is Kayanmata diabolic?

There has been a long time debate on whether or not “kayanmata” is diabolic. To be fair on those who have these concerns, they are not to blame as there has been a lot of claims to what Kayanmata is capable of doing all over the internet.


What is kayanmata ?

Kayanmata is a word derived from the hausa tribe of the northern part of Nigeria. It is a combination of two words ”Kaya” and ”Mata”, Kaya means stuff or load while mata is used to describe the female, calling it together is KAYANMATA which means ”women’s stuff” or ”female stuff”.

Originally, when kayanmata is mentioned especially in northern Nigeria, what most buyers intend to get is something that will improve the way they respond to sex and the ways to enable their partners enjoy sex with them too. For instance, a woman may want to get kayanmata in order to improve her wetness or help her climax during sex. However, that is no longer the case as some users have given testimonies about how kayanmata has made their lovers prefer them to other women or that they have received undeserved financial favors due to the kayanmata they used before have sex with the said partners.

So what is the truth about kayanmata?

From the description above about kayanmata, you will deduce that kayanmata is basically an organic aphrodisiac procured from the locals in the north to improve the sex life of women. In all truth, there is no extra terrestrial advantage to it. As Africans, there is the belief that voodoo or jazz can be used to influence the decision of a person, but this has nothing to do with what kayanmata originally offers to achieve.

Although, some vendors of kayanmata advertise their products with several promises that seem diabolic but it is important to draw the line between diabolic substances and purely sexual enhancers. Sexual enhancers or aphrodisiacs do not aim at manipulating your sexual partner into doing what they wouldn’t do if they were not manipulated or hypnotized.

Sexual enhancers will basically help parties involved in sex to enjoy the whole sexual experience without compelling them to do anything beyond their wishes. So therefore, kayanmata in the real sense of it is not diabolic.

Here are some aphrodisiacs that will improve your sex live!

There is a fact that seems to confuse those using kayanmata/Aphrodisiacs, which is that, your partner might prefer you to other women because of the way your body responds to sex or how well they enjoy sex with you. This is purely natural and it has no diabolic means to it. Below is a list of our top selling aphrodisiacs that will improve your sex life:

Naughty Girl Aphrodisiac

Naughty Girl Aphrodisiac

The Naughty girl aphrodisiac was made with love from African seeds, nuts and fruits, it stimulates arousal and increase vagina wetness and helps you get better orgasms. This orgasm jar contains the following:

  • Tiger nuts
  • Dates
  • Kola
  • and other herbs

Wet and Wild

Wet and wild is an amazing aphrodisiac tonic made from nuts and seeds from Chad and Northern Nigeria to help increase your natural wetness.

Wet and wild

Consider the Wet and Wild the ultimate solution to every vaginal dryness related issues.

Long John Instant boost Powder/Liquid

Why have sex within 45 seconds when you can go for as long as you want? The Long John Delay Powder or liquid is a strong libido boost for men who want to satisfy there partners to the fullest with strong erection while it also helps get rid of quick ejaculation.

Long John Instant boost Powder

This instant boost has no side effect and instruction for usage is boldly written on the pack.

Long John Instant boost Liquid

Whether liquid or powder, the potency of this aphrodisiac is mind blowing!

Mahogany’s Naughty Girl Clit Sensitizer

The Mahogany’s Clit Sensitizer is applied to the clitoris. This then stimulates strong sexual vibes around the clitoris by rushing blood to the clitoris and thereby making the whole vulva sensitive to touch and causing multiple leg shaking orgasms.

Mahogany’s Naughty Girl Clit Sensitizer

This is a must have for either solo or partnered sex as it guarantees climax during sex. Some people have also explored using it on the nipples which tingles the nipples and makes the nipples more sensitive, although, this is not its original use but it is a welcome idea if you don’t react to it in any way, go ahead and explore any idea you’ve got as long as you’re not hurting anyone!

The Erotic Drive Set

This is a combination of our range of aphrodisiacs for couples that want to take their intimacy to the next level

Erotic Drive Set

This set includes the following:

Wet and wild instant boost 250ml

Make me wild organic lubricant 100ml

Naughty Girl edible aphrodisiac 250g

Long John For Delayed ejaculation 250ml

There is an exciting twist to this set, whenever you buy this set you get a Clit Sensitizer along with it for free!


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