Dear women,
I know being a woman can be one of the hardest and easiest role to play, especially in a world that doesn’t understand why we can’t just shut the fuck up and be comfortable drooling in the shadows. Dear strong ladies, I know you are confused about embracing your sexuality because of the label attached to your openness, but it never gets easier.
We’ve been tagged and labelled, insulted and sneered at. But the label that never goes away is the tag ‘HO. WHORE, BITCH’. Maybe we should shudder and hide our faces in the mud or cower when obscenities are thrown my way but it’s okay to be labelled for owning our sexuality.
Ho’s set the acceptable standards, they don’t allow life fuck them over just to be a people pleaser. Ho’s decide how they want to be treated and would immediately eject you out of their lives if they do not get the value of their investments from you. You are a ho because you have refused to allow yourself be body shamed into unnecessary societal demands.
Ho’s love the dick, ho’s go for the dick, ho’s do what they enjoy doing because it gives them a sense of fulfilment. Ho’s are achievers, they work round the clock, leading positions in offices, managing businesses, rearing children, making a home to pay their bills. Ho’s are choosy in relationships because they had rather be alone than unhappy. Ho’s put their pleasure first and would aim for satisfaction than impression. Ho’s are not ashamed of taking the lead in the bedroom or placing their sexual health first. Ho’s are not afraid of speaking out, of sharing their stories, of being on top despite stereotypes. Ho’s are not afraid of what you label them, they never fit.
If you are called a ho for being a self-expressive woman, then it’s okay to be a ho.
Yours affectionately,
HO- Lara

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