The first thing that comes that most of our naïve minds when we hear about yoga is the image of a slim and sexy lady like we have defined it in our minds. But, Jessamyn Stanley has defied the norm and in her own words shown that ‘There is a major disconnect in our society between what people can do and what we show people that they can do’

Beautiful, bold, big, sexy and confident are adjectives that do not do much justice to this yoga teacher, body positivity advocate and writer. A first time look at her would not provide one knowledge of her strength. Yoga is considered a flexible exercise and Jessamyn uses high energy in yoga to overcome mental and emotional barriers from life and critics. Watching Jessamyn make her yoga moves fills me with a sense of fulfilment and vigor. She screams hey; I am strong, proud of my body, so there is nothing I cannot do.

Jessamyn Stanley has shown that you do not need to have a ‘sexy’ body to be fit and comfortable in your own skin. I mean if you love your body, you believe in it and if you believe in it, you can push it to any length and it obeys you. The body positive activist believes that yoga is a body positive exercise, because you don’t need to be concerned about what others think of you. Although, Jessamyn is an ardent Yoga she believes that body positivity doesn’t stem from a regular practice of yoga, but an in depth look at yourself to ask questions you were not asking before.

Jessamyn has been featured and profiled by a variety of international and national media outlets due to the body positive image she has portrayed on social media. Jessamyn Stanley is a direct reflection that we are beautiful in every size and embracing our differences makes us better.

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