Just One Wooden Kiss

Most times,when I see a picture, I create a story I imagined happened. I don't have a story for this picture. Maybe if I take my time,I might make something up. But I can tell u what I felt when I saw it. First,I have to tell you how I got it. A friend sent it to me a few minutes ago. He saw it and thought of me…lol. I want to imagine he meant my bloc and not me in particular. But..

When I saw this picture,first thing I did was tilt my head to the left and my phone to the right. Next thing I noticed,were the sharp points. His elbow,her elbow.. Her breast. Her breast looked like they were molded to pierce your vision. Like,you have to look and crave to touch. Mold your hands around it. Run your palm around it. And then her back. Now this was the part that got me busy.

I wanted to bend her forward,let him slide into her..but then I'll break the kiss. Then I wanted to bring his head lower 'cause she was straining so ‎bad for that kiss. The way she's tilting that neck,like she has to drink from him.. And the way he's holding her head like that.. Like they've got all eternity..like time could wait. Like time would wait for that one kiss. I imagine the sculptor must have some fun creating this..lol. Cos I did.. just from looking at a pic.

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