Make-Up Sex

That’s right.. That hot, sizzling,passionate,sometimes vengeful sex that we’ve been reading about. Some say its the best kinda sex.. In fact,some people intentionally set the stage for it… They break up with their partners and then wait patiently for the make-up bit. Needless to say,when I say “people”, I mean females.. The drama queens. LOL

The curious thing tho is why they wait. The standard make-up sex is “traditionally” initiated by the male. The idea is,he lashes out in anger and bottled rage to instill obedience or just to pass a message with his cock. So the females,traditionally,wait to be punished with a good fuck and either succumb willingly to every twist and turn the male puts them through or just keep up their act of stubbornness to spice up the sex.

My point tho is.. You don’t have to wait!

If he messes up,you can punish him too! And yes,with sex! Although you could use a whip,if u And if the mess came from you,you could worm your way back to his heart with some mind-blowing sex especially if you can spice it up with slutty lingerie,something different like a footjob or a boob massage and food..lots of food! Trust me,our mothers were right. Food over sex..but sex before food. Trusted recipe..guaranteed results.

Imma paint u a picture later of what a good make-up sex can be like.. In the mean time,Live life,explore! Kisses!!

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  • Man2Man
    Posted at 14:03h, 14 November Reply

    Theres nutin like a make up sex…… I particuarly like the idea of breaking up and eagerly waiting for that make up sex…lol. Nice one girl keep it up

  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 15:30h, 16 November Reply

    "Food over sex,but sex before food" You just know these things!

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