It was Chika’s birthday, and she wanted to celebrate it in a classic mask themed party. She was turning 26, (Bloody 26) she called it. It was such a big deal to her, and she wanted the whole world to know what it feels like to be 26. I am her best friend, so officially I became the party planner. This was no problem for me, except for the part where I had to be around George.

George is Chika’s sweetheart. They have been sweethearts for almost 3 years now. Chika and I basically share everything, apart from George. When it comes to George, she robs it in my face and reminds me of how hopelessly single I am.

I had a massive crush on George. In fact, I was the one who was supposed to date George, but I was so shy to talk to him, so I asked Chika to speak to him on my behalf, but instead they became sweethearts. Not like I’m jealous of Chika, but it’s hard to get over a strong crush.

Chika’s birthday arrived, she was dressed in a Wine Armless Ball Gown and had a matching Wine Cat Lace Eye Mask to go with. I on the other hand wore a Black Evening Gown With Gold Details, and a fancy Half Face Princess Mask. It was really hard to make out which guy was George from the crowd of party guest. But my eyes were on this particular guy. He wore a Black suit just like the other guys at the party, but his mask was different. He had a Phantom of the Opera vintage half face mask.

He must have noticed that I was observing him, because I noticed he was also observing me. Then it was time for The Dance, the lights were dimmed, and you could barely notice anybody. I was by myself since I didn’t have anybody to dance with, but suddenly someone came behind me. He held my hands and whispered “Do you want to dance?”

I turned around to see who had asked for a dance, but all I could view was the Phantom of the Opera vintage half face mask. It was the guy I had been observing all evening. I accepted the offer to dance and we proceeded to the dance floor.

As my mysterious guy grabbed my waist to dance, a lump formed in my throat and I struggled to swallow. My heart started to race and I noticed I was trembling. It had been a long time since I had been this close to a guy, and I must admit that for me, this was too close for comfort.

A part of me wanted to discontinue dancing, but another part of me was enjoying the feeling. The feeling of having a strong arm around my waist, placing my head on a man’s shoulder as we swayed too the rhythm of the music. It was a beautiful feeling, but I was eager to know who my mysterious dance partner was.

The music stopped and the lights came on, but still I couldn’t tell whom I had been dancing with. Then my mystery man brought his face close to me and whispered, “Come with me if you want to live.” It sounded funny and I even giggled. But then I looked at my mystery man, and he looked very serious.

I was about to ask if there was a problem, but my mystery man placed his finger on my lips to keep me from talking. The feel of his fingers on my lips melted me completely. I lost all self-will, and followed my mystery guy to wherever he was taking me, like a sheep to the slaughter.

He took me to the parking lot, and pressed the button on his car key. A car responded, he pulled me and I followed as quickly as I could in my high heels. We got to the car, it was parked in a dark corner. It looked like the car that brought I and Chika to the party, I should have paid more attention in trying to figure out which car this was, but I was so excited  and my brain was only focused  on figuring out what my mystery man was up to.

We got into the back seat of the car, and my mystery man locked the doors. He leaned towards the driver’s seat and pushed some buttons. He turned on the A.C and music player. After that he came back to sit beside me in car.

“Bridget” he said

I was startled, he knew my name, but I was yet to find out who this was. I didn’t respond. He continued to speak. “I had always imagined this day”. Then he leaned forward and kissed me. I was going to seize the opportunity and remove his mask, but he resisted.

“The suspense and mystery makes this more intense doesn’t it?” He said

Still I remained silent and he resumed his kisses. I was in a dilemma whether to stop all this and return to the party, or stay and enjoy this mystery mixed with pleasure and passion.

Continue here; Mask off pt 2.



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