The Unexpected Way Masturbation Can Actually Improve Your Health

For some masturbation is still a taboo topic.

However, May was National Masturbation Month and we spoke to an expert who argues there’s no reason that you shouldn’t honor the act year-round.

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Tyomi Morgan – who has a sex education blog, that coaches men, women, and couples on best practices for safe, satisfying, and liberating sexual experiences – broke down the true health benefits of self-pleasure in an interview with ATTN:.

Started in 1995 by San Francisco sex shop Good Vibrations, National Masturbation Month runs throughout the month of May with more and more people learning how the sexual gesture is a benefit to their wellbeing. Studies continue to be done around the world about gender differences in masturbation and ejaculation frequency, all detailing research that debunks myths and confirms its health benefits.

The sex education coach and pleasure expert broke down four ways to level up your health with self-pleasure.

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1. Relieves physical pain.

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From headaches to menstrual cramps, a few strokes and a climax can actually lead to pain relief. “It helps with physically relieving pain. The endorphin chemical that releases into the body when one masturbates helps with our perception of pain and, ultimately, reduces pain from cramps or the pressure built up in a man’s scrotum,” Tyomi said.

2. It helps to ease anxiety and depression.

Masturbation can be a self-care act and decompressing aid that helps with depressive thoughts and behavior. The act of loving oneself in a moment of pleasure and then having a chemical release is ideal and safe for more empowering thoughts instantly, Tyomni noted. “For both men and women considering the mental aspect, bringing out those endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin is going to elevate your mood,“ Tyomi explained.

3. Keeps your prostate healthy and maintains genital use.

ATTN: has covered a study, which found that ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men. But masturbation has its own benefits for women, too. When women ejaculate it allows unwanted bacteria to leave the body during a climax.

“It’s healthy to have erections because it’s bringing more blood into the capillaries of your penis and the blood is bringing oxygen to those cells and essentially it is maintaining genital health. This is the same for women as the same erection in their clitoris drives oxygen to cells in the vagina and vulva,” according to Tyomi.

4. Revitalizes organs and boosts energy.


A study from last year’s Olympic Games revealed that masturbation was better for agility than sexual intercourse prior to athletic performance.

Overall, changing your mindset and intention surrounding masturbation to be a more positive experience and something that can truly benefit your physical health goes a long way. “This is not commonly preached or taught in Western society but men should be masturbating with the intention of injaculating and practicing semen retention, which boosts their energy and revitalizes their organs,” Tyomi said. “Typically, we go into the masturbation experience with the intention of ejaculating. With every ejaculation, you are shaving off a little bit of your chi because with each sperm cell there is life carried with it.”

So, how often should you masturbate?

Tyomi says weekly is best and to put yourself on a schedule, adding, “both men and women need to establish their ‘me time’ and learn how to masturbate in a specific way that is going to aid their health, not harm them. Turn masturbation into a ritual instead of it being something you’re trying to do during a five minute break.”

Do You Agree?

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