Meat Over Plastic


So I was talking to my ex about my penis envy.. I think there’s a fancy name for that.. How I love dicks and wish I had one. I imagine if I had one I would never stop touching it till it turns red or purple or something…lol. For real.. And he(my ex) was like,I should get a little pink dildo instead. Or something that looks like a dick that I could carry with me and play with it. As silly as that sounds,I actually thought about it for a few minutes.

But then I thought,nothing plastic or rubber or latex, can ever replace throbbing,warm,turgid flesh. Believe me,there are a million reasons why and girls know this. No plastic can ever respond to a simple look like a dick would. Just by glancing pointedly and repeatedly at a guys zip,his dick would get the message and start to come alive on its own! Imagine,trying to have a serious conversation with a girl while you’re trying unsucessfully not to stare at her breasts and she’s busy trying to tear her eyes away from your dick. Consciously or not,your dick would react to her looks.

I also imagine that most guys can make their dicks Yes,nod or just make it say a polite “hello” with a little bow when its in its full size. No toy can do do that! That small nod is a bonding moment for me. The lil bow makes my tongue itch to please and my palms crave to stroke and squeeze. Then there’s the joy of watching it increase in size before your very eyes or in your palms. Like that “ah” moment when it begins to respond to your touch and continues to gather up strenght… That joy of watching something boneless and lifeless, come to life for you. No rubber toy can replace this.. Ever.

Even if I had a rubber dick,I would never love it. Even if it came in that sweet Chocolate brown color with cream toppings. There would be no balls to play with,no veins straining and I won’t get to taste the sweetness of pre-cum 🙁 Meat over plastic!


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