The first time I fell in love with this creation of hotness was on the screen of a Movie series he featured in. His bad boy role, poise, charisma and amazing physique kept me glued to the screen. Lol, I know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

Ninalowo Bolanle one of the most promising actors in the Nollywood industry began his journey in 2010 after he relocated to Nigeria. Despite his macho and intimidating look, Ninalowo is not ashamed of talking about his humble beginning and challenges he faced on the way.

Although much about NInalowo’s life is not known, but the actor’s determination and hard work to be at the echelon of his career is amazing. I mean, nobody wants to hang around a mediocre. One of the baffling attributes I admire is his honesty when asked questions. The actor is currently separated from his wife and they have two children together.

Everyone admires a breath of honesty, humility laced with undeniable sexiness. NInalowo is our man deserving of these.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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