Meet the Spirited, Self-aware, Sunshine called Reign Apiim

Reign Apiim (All Power Is In Me)  is the brightest, most spirited person you will ever come across. She carries happiness, soul and kindness in her lithe, constantly moving body. Her energy vibrates and ignites everything around her, because she is so self-aware, centered and grounded all at once.


At first when I stumbled on her on social media, I was fascinated by her look. She adorns herself in beautiful jewelry, handmade out of  healing crystals. When she is not dressed in monotone, she is covered in ink, hand-painted on her by the famous Olaolu Senbanjo.

When I got past her unusual look, I realize how really self-aware she is, the unrepentant, unapologetic way she owns herself, her beliefs and her image. On one hand she is spirited and almost otherworldly in her appearance and her ways. On the other hand, she is grounded and so self-centered that she seems bursting with practical solutions to help her followers fin their way through life.


Her sense of being is impossible to overwrite, or sweep beneath the flashes and blings of the jewelry she wraps herself in. In fact, she closely associates her energy and her journey with the healing powers of her crystals.

Reign Apiim jewels are carefully handcrafted with prosperous magical energy giving the wearer healing, combined with the beading a euphoric feeling of royalty. With an art background from studying history and culture at the Fashion Design school in Parsons, she creates unique pieces that draws inspiration from what she calls “a crazy memory bank of artistic things from palaces to paintings” in her head.

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