I wrote about the Kevin Hart cheating scandal, I’m also going to write about Jennifer Hudson allegedly cheating scandal. Allegedly because I still don’t have concrete evidence to back up the alleged cheating. But there are a lot of questions I have concerning Jennifer Hudson relationship.Jennifer HudsonWhy be with a man for 10 years if you had no plans to marry him? You have a child together, you live together, pay bills together. What is difference between your current relationship and marriage? The amazing thing is that all this while you were engaged to Otunga. But you kept postponing your wedding plans because you say, you do not believe in DIVORCE. Seriously Sis, what the difference between ending your 10 years relationship that has an 8 eight years old child and a DIVORCE?Jennifer HudsonIn my opinion, a divorce is even better than this relationship situationship. If it were the man who orchestrated all this situation, the internet would have been buzzing with the #menarescum. But because this is a woman and she sings about love and so on, we want to try and understand. What happened to feminism and gender equality?Jennifer HudsonThis wrong, no gender should be overlooked when criticizing infidelity in a relationship, because every gender has feelings and emotions that would get hurt when they are cheated on, or treated like a fool, played on. Just because they agreed to your terms of relationship even if it was not convenient to them, all because they had deep feelings or for you.Jennifer HudsonI don’t know what lead to the final break up, in this relationship, I just hope there wasn’t any form of violence between both parties, but whatever they decide, really should be for the benefit of their child. That little boy must be going through a lot right now.Jennifer HudsonSo Jennifer and David, the both of you better get yourself together and fix this mess real quick, for the sake of your child. Even if it means you’ll have to go your separate ways.

#menarescum #womenarescum #everybodyisascum 

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