So I've been mooning over this particular guy for some days now. I have him on my contacts list. I see every picture and every new personal message. I wait on his profile like I'm getting paid for it. I stalk him silently with my tongue tied or should I say fingers knotted. I'm dying to say just one sentence! I've got a million questions but my fingers are knotted and my brain just freeze up every time I try.

I swear its not love. Its not even close. Its like a strong pull. Like something is tugging at some parts of me,you know? Like I'm not even thinking sexual about him. I used to but not anymore. Now I just want to be friends with him forever. I know,I know! Friendzone and shit. But he's super cool and smart as fuck. And I want to know him for an eternity. That's not so ‎bad,I think. I might still give a few kisses and fucks…lol.

NB: Its not you,its him. Don't claim this sub.

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