Dear Mahogany, must my penis be circumcised?

I am a thirty two years old guy, living in Lagos. I work, have my own apartment and I live well. The only problem I am facing currently, is the shape of my penis. I could have a good thing going with a girl, but once she sees that my penis is not circumcised, she backs out.

It seems like having a circumcised penis is the norm, and uncircumcised penis are abnormal or evil. The last girl I was with promised not to freak out when I told her that I was not circumcised, but as soon as she saw my penis, that was the end our relationship.

Right now, I am seriously considering removing my foreskin, I don’t even know why it wasn’t removed at birth, but my parents are late so they can’t answer that question. But seriously, must my penis be circumcised before I get laid?

Dayo 32.

Dear Dayo,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To answer your question, NO you do not have to be circumcised to get laid. But unfortunately, in the society you live in, a circumcised penis is considered the norm, while an uncircumcised penis is considered abnormal.

Many of the girls you would come across may have never seen an uncircumcised penis before and it may feel or seem strange and awkward seeing one for the first time. It is now up to you to enlighten your partner, and make her understand why you are not circumcised. In your case, it would be that you really did not see a need to, considering the fact that you were not circumcised at birth like many other children in your society.

Let her understand that there are benefits and advantages of having an uncircumcised penis. It is now up to her, if she would be matured about it and come to an understanding with you or not.  But the decision of removing your foreskin or not solely lies with you, and whatever decision you take, make sure you are taking it for the right reasons.

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