My Baby II

One afternoon,after stabbing all my classes for the day with one shrug,I called him. We hooked up..and ended up in my bed..clothes off. Skin to skin. . Laughing eyes and throbbing parts. Like the times before,our kisses were steamy..and lingering. In my mind,I'd been wet and willing for days.. Having him close just made it better and worse at the same time.

Like I always do,I wanted to measure him,taste him and please him. I wanted to see him.. Every inch of him..and let him see and out. Wet and waiting. I wanted him to take me slow and fast and slow again. I wanted him in every part of me that was warm. I wanted to please him with my hands,mouth and everything else.

And like I prayed,he turned out to be everything and more. His first thrust in me,me lying on back with my breast swaying and bobbing,was deep and fulfilling.. I could have squirted right there on his rod if he hadn't moved his wonderful,liquid waist. He thrusted in to my wet cockpit with his eyes glued to me.

I squeezed my walls around him.. Welcoming him and urging him on and he happily responded to me with his waist,his rod and his hands. Then he turned me on my belly and gladly and proudly flayed my ass around his dick,throwing my waist into a frenzied dance. He loved it. I could tell..cause in no time,he was spilling cum into my crack.

But that wasn't all..although I wouldn't have cared if it was all. As it turned out,it was nothing compared to what he had in store for me..and the longer it took him to spill his load,the happier I was to rock him and show him how much I wanted him to know how much I want him. So we went over the previous exercise again and again..until we were spent and rudely interrupted by my girlfriend.

But that was just the first time.. *winks*


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  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 06:14h, 06 October Reply

    Hmmmmm.You should consider righting a book you know.Daaayyyyummmmm!!!!!!

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