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Dear Mahogany,
I hear all the time that there’s a certain amount of sexual partners that is acceptable for a girl to have had. I’m seeing this guy and I believe we are in a serious relationship that could lead to marriage. Last time we spoke, he started to ask about my sex life and my previous partners. Luckily for me, he had to get off the phone. Since then, I’ve been avoiding talking to him. Should I lie to him about my body count? Or should I take the risk and tell him my real body count even though it may be above the acceptable amount of sex partners for a girl.

Dear Anonymous,

There is no such thing as an acceptable number of partners a girl should have or shouldn’t exceed. You’re a woman you have needs and how you choose to satisfy those needs isn’t anybody’s business. If your partner loves you and really wants to spend his life with you, the number of people you’ve been with will not matter to him at all. As long as you were not with these people at the same time you were with him, i don’t see any reason why it should end your relationship. Starting a relationship or a marriage on lies isn’t something you want to do. If your man really leaves you cos you chose to tell him the truth, then he really didn’t love you as much as you thought he did.

Thanks for writing to mahogany. Let the truth set you free.

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