My husband must not know!

My husband and I met in our second year in the university. We were friends for the next three years and we never had sex. All through those years, I was sleeping with his cousin who was our one-year junior in school.

When we started dating, it was just playfully and it wasn’t supposed to lead to marriage. Then I got pregnant. I had no idea how much he liked me till he told me to keep the baby. That was how I ended up in his house as wife and mother of his children.

5 years after our wedding and graduation, his cousin has begged to move in with us for a little while because he got transferred from Lagos to Abuja ( where we live). See me see wahala o!

My husband as always, has asked my opinion. I am scared to say YES our of fear of my attraction to him (what if he makes a move?). I also can’t say no because that may arouse suspicion since we were very close in school.

What do I do?

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  • Kezzycrafts
    4 years ago Reply

    This is confession time, there’s a potential threat to your family and your confession can depose it.
    it’s better late than never

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