My libido is ruining my relationship

Dear Mahogany,
I am never satisfied. I want more sex no matter how many times I do it, my libido is just insatiable and it is ruining my relationship. I have never cheated on my boyfriend but he thinks I’ll go and get sex outside. I keep telling him I love him and that he satisfies me sexually but he said it’s getting more difficult to cope with my constant demand for sex. I don’t want to lose him, pls how do I reduce my sexual urge?
Kate, 28

Dear Kate,
It might be a phase;

Isn’t there the possibility that this might just be a phase? We women sometimes have raging hormones and want to have sex all the time and at other times, we don’t even want to be touched. There are different types of libido and you should understand your body. You can’t conclude that you’re a sex addict justp because you have a high libido.


It is important that you make your man understand your libido type and your sexual needs. It is also important that you understand his sexual needs. You also have to educate him on sex toys and let him know that you are not cheating on him by using a dildo or a vibrator in pleasuring yourself.


Talk to your man about these issues, suggest a way to balance your sex life out. Talk to him aboutsex toys, tell him often how much he satisfies you. Communication is key. You can even buy some from our online shop


For him to think you’ll go and get sex outside, it simply means he is beginning to lose trust in you. A relationship without trust isn’t a relationship worth having. Reinforce his trust in you. If he really loves you, then he has to trust you. Talk about your trust issues

Before reducing your sexual urge consider this;

Have you ever thought of satisfying your needs by having sex with another man?

Are you dependent on sex to function properly?

Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms due to lack of sex?

Would you or have you indulged in any sexual activity regardless of its effect on your health?

If the answer to the above questions are yes, it is important you see a psychologist or a sex therapist or both. Sex addiction like every other addiction should be treated. You can also suggest that he increases his libido by eating certain foods.

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