My Little SuperPower

Been awhile 🙂 I had another brief session with Malaria. But I'm back and almost as good as new.
While was on bed,I spent a good deal of time with my phone and I made new friends.. As usual,they all went from interesting to mega annoying after reading this blog. Boys.

Anyways,I was on bed thinking of the unreasonable distance between my bed and the bathroom door when a msg popped up on my phone. One of my new converts felt it was proper to inform me that only half of the girls who get "heads" return the favor. I was intrigued by this. I suppose that by now,you guys already know I have little knowledge about other people's sexual habits and preference. Hence,I'm always eager to learn about these things.

I started giving heads in my late teens and didn't get them till I was 20,I think. But.. The joy of giving pleasure and dominating ur senses with just my wet mouth and small baby hands,made me giddy frequently and I always looked forward to it. In fact,I tried it on all my boyfriends at the time and even non-boyfriends. It was like a new superpower I found and I was sucking dick every chance I get.

At a point,I stopped having sex and was just content with just giving heads. I got so good at it too. In fact,I think I enjoyed it more than the dicks True story. I'm in a restaurant with my boyfriend or in class or watching tv with my family and I'm thinking of soaking balls in my mouth or slapping dicks on my tongue 😀 And my reward was not the cum or sex afterwards. My reward was in the first gasp and the silent moans and loud groans.

I smile when I think of the hours of my life I've spent squeezing(I was surprised to find out that guys like this),stroking,deep-throating and T-bagging schlongs and balls. I smile when I think of my energy and eagerness. How I found the act,basked in it and mastered it while my mates where singing hymns in choir practice or learning how to make braids. Don't I was a teenager with the power to make even the most stubborn snakes spit!

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  • Maestro Vunderkind
    Posted at 22:28h, 19 August Reply

    Really…insightful into your teen years. Lolz.

    I love giving head too. I'm awesome at it too – i think. However, receiving head isn't fun for me.

    Enjoy ur super power! Watch out 4 d kryptonite (whatever it is)

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