my worst valentine


This article is from my dairy, dated February 14th 2015 and I want to share it. I’ve titled it my worst valentine, not because I’ve had many valentines with gifts. Actually I’ve only had one with a gift. But this valentine happened to be my worst because it was the day I decided to break up with whom I thought was my true love. Thinking about it again maybe I should change the title to my best valentine. Because it’s also the day I gained freedom. Freedom from emotional trauma, freedom from low self-esteem.

Four years of being faithful to someone who thought very little of me, ended up disrespecting me and crashed my self-esteem completely. But he wasn’t always like that. He used to be very sweet and kind and loving.

But someone who used to call seven times a day now calls once a month. Reason, he said “Love mode, Work mode” I’d never forget those words. He stopped reply my texts, cuts calls on me and switch of his phone. It was horrible. A lot of things also happened that I am not going to share here.

I got the untold message but I wasn’t strong enough to let go. But with the help of wonderful friends I found courage to end the traumatic relationship on Valentine’s Day. It was horrible. But I needed to break free. It didn’t just end there. My wonderful friends stood by me and natured me till I was able to gain back my self-esteem.

Later learnt from reliable source that he was getting married. Although he still denies it today, I have forgiven him and moved on. He called me recently, apologizing and begging for forgiveness, but that’s long past, I can only laugh.

Although I still think about it sometimes and I still feel hurt in my heart because I gave love, so real and so pure without doubt to him. But I received disrespect and I was treated worse than a piece off garbage.

I was naïve, he also agrees to that fact, but I’ve moved on and I am better.

This is to encourage ladies who are going through traumatizing or abusive relationships or breakups. Better days lies ahead.




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  • DL
    Posted at 18:42h, 12 August Reply

    I totally agree, some people don’t deserve pure love but at the end of the day, thank God you came out stronger. Never under appreciate friendship. Wonderful post????

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