There is something quite magical about squirting especially when watching a porn video full of Asian girls screaming in full delight and watching the liquid spill out so effortlessly its almost hard to imagine it can be that easy. The good news is squirting can be achieved.

Squirting as opposed to popular misconception is not urine but female ejaculation; but not sperm. Female ejaculation is characterized by the expulsion of a significant quantity of odorless fluid from the woman’s body during orgasm. The fluid is released from the Skene’s glands or urethral sponge comes gushing out of her vagina when she ejaculates as a result of orgasm.

Making your lover squirt is not quite impossible to achieve, although the anatomy of different female bodies may differ, which means it may take some females more time to be able to finally relax and allow their bodies achieve the pleasure of squirting.

Squirting may seem magical at first but it can be achieved easily.

Finding the G-Spot

Foreplay best works in finding the G-stop, oral sex can be used to stimulate the clitoris for arousal, you can make use of a lube in case she starts to dry up. Once she begins to get turned on, insert two fingers, palm side up, into her vagina. About an inch to two inches inside the vaginal entrance, you should feel a round, roughened area on the front wall. This is the G-spot. Stroke against this area using firm pressure. It should enlarge and begin to feel more solid. Try touching or licking her clit as you manipulate the G-spot. Follow her responses and pace yourself to prolong her period of arousal; the more time she’s aroused; the more juice is building up in there. You can maintain a steady pace while applying more pressure to her G-spot and watch her react.

The mystery

As she builds up towards ejaculation, she will feel the urge to urinate. That’s the fluid beginning to flow into her urethra. In order for her ejaculate, she has to relax, let go, and push down and out with the same muscles she would use as if she were urinating. It may be hard to overcome the impulse to hold back, but you can reassure her, again, that if she is coming, she will not urinate. Instead, as she comes and pushes the fluid out, she should feel extra intense orgasmic pleasure, and you should be rewarded with a spurt of “nectar” that may range from gentle gush to a drenching spray.

Attaining female ejaculation is not as easy as those of men and may take lots of patience and experimentation to achieve and trust especially from women whom are yet to have a taste of such experience.


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