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Sex toy
sex toys

You can have as many sex toys as you want!

Having a particular sex toy that pleasures you the most is paramount but you can update your sex toys collection and have as many as possible toys that does same thing with more functions to increase your channels of pleasure. I know some people regard anyone having sexual relationship with more than one person as being unfaithful or a cheat! However, It is not the same when it comes to toys. You can have as many toys as you wish for different pleasure.

Why should I have different Toys?

There are several reasons you should have different toys. It is important to note that our bodies keep changing and our sexual needs keep evolving. So therefore, we need to keep updating ourselves on the things that will give us maximum pleasure per time! Bellow are some of the reasons you should get new sex toys.

“our bodies keeps changing and our sexual needs keep evolving”

Sex toys have specific designs for a reason.

You might be bragging you already have a dildo or at most a vibrating dildo. Have you tried the rotating G-spot Vibrator? try it and you will know there are levels to this cumming game! Sex toys are designed to meet specific or a set of pleasurable goals. So, when next you want to brag about having a toy, consider there are other pleasures you might be missing!

rotating Gspot vibrator
Rotating Gspot Vibrator

Sex toys can become boring after a long while

For most people who started using toys at the beginner level, they usually feel their toys are no longer as vibrant as it used to be or it does not fascinate them as it used to be. This feeling is normal, even some who dived into using sex toys from the very intense level can also get bored and want something either stronger or more sophisticated.

Its time to shop!

This is the best time to shop new sex toys! We just restocked our best selling toys and new amazing toys so just click the shop button and also enjoy 1,000 Naira off Your shipping fees.

Shop new arrival of toys and don’t forget you can ship your orders nation-wide at 1000 Naira off your shipping fees! How cool is that!

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