No Apologies

For some years now,my life has been revolving around my desires. I’ve lived by instincts. No rules,no set of codes. No regulations. The only standard is maximum fun. I squeeze fun out of everyday,everybody,everything. I amuse myself by making new friends. Throwing out baits to the people around me,I watched and observed how humans are sometimes reduced to the crudest animals. I watch them make excuses for what they are and try to justify their faults and mistakes. I watch people leave my life,return and then leave again. I made excuses for some. Some,I just rule out completely. I placed no standards. No measurement. No presumptions,no expectations. I gave out parts of me. I fell in and out of love with myself. I cried and laugh at the stupidest things. I created all kinds of crazy. I made out with everyone I want. I made up all kinds of silly and stupid stuffs.

But then.. That story is boring,isn’t? This is what actually happened :). I posted my boobs on the internet a number of times,changed boyfriends every now and then, had wild weekends in exotic hotels,spent every penny I got from wherever on shoes,clothes,drinks,friends and family,I blew out candles on bday cakes and got drunk in so many places,had sex in cars,in kitchens ,on a field and so many other places I can’t tell u. Fell in love with coffee and whiskey. Made so many friends and foes that my contact list is fit to burst! And I enjoyed every single minute!! No apologies!
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