Is it true that not knowing your partner’s sexual capability before marriage is one of the reasons for a broken home? In my opinion, the answer is YES. Not being aware of your partner’s sexual capability is one of the reasons most marriages fail or one of the major reasons why people cheat on their partners.

I am not trying to encourage sex before marriage, but what I’m saying is, you just have to find out somehow, so you can be prepared for what to expect during marriage. I expect that during courtship, couples should be able to discuss and share what their past sexual experiences has been like.

It is important that couples are able to match each other’s sexual capability, this would create a stronger bond in their relationship. You cannot expect to match a Casanova with a sex novice, and expect them to be able to build a strong lasting relationship like marriage. Or even expect that there would be 100% fidelity in their union. It is not possible.In societies where keeping ones virginity before marriage is the norm, you find out that people go into their relationship with very high expectations, and most often, they end up getting disappointed. Many would patiently go through process of trying to build their partner up to meet their sexual needs. Others would just opt for cheating straight away. This why in one of my previous articles, I stated that virginity is not an achievement.

In every relationship, there has to be a middle ground where each partner can be open and honest about their sex life. The ability to be open, honest and ready to explore will create a more exciting and healthy atmosphere for your relationship. Opening up and discussing about your sex lives will help you give proper rating to your sexual health. This is significantly important so you can know how to protect yourself and prevent any form of sexually transmitted diseases or infections either of you or your partner might have suffered from in the past.

Knowing your partner’s sexual capability before marriage is very important.


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