Odd Jobs : Footjobs

For those gals who think Handjobs and Blowjobs are hard work.. Don't try to give your man a footjob. This shit is as stressful as it is thrilling. Plus you'll need more than average skills to pull it off without breaking his dick or twisting your ankles.

For those with rough,coarse soles, this is not for you. Don't try it ever! Except you're wearing socks,maybe.. Else,you might end up with a very angry man and some skin between your toes. And,please, don't try this if your toenails are terribly long or ugly.. Or your feet smells..lol

If you have a playful man or girl in your bed,and she's open to all sorts of Odd jobs and aerobics,footjobs are a joy. And I don't mean massaging his dick with ur soles only.. But using your feet instead of your hands on any part of their body.

Instead of digging your fingers into her cooch,you could try ur toes. You could tease their nipples with your toes too and you might even get your toes sucked that way…! Instead of jerking him off,give him a foot massage. Show up with scented oil,well-manicured nails,sexy lingerie and a smile. He will let u walk on his balls even..

But..errrm.. If you're not a pro at footjobs already.. Don't try what you see in those pictures at home.

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