Okafor and the law pt2

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Okafor’s voice pulled me back from my memories. It took a lot of energy and willpower for me not to grab him and kiss him right there in the parking lot.

“It is so good to see you again”

“I wish I could say the same”

“Zara darling, I’m so sorry”

“Don’t even bother explaining or apologizing”

“What happened to your car?” he asked me

“WOW! You were so busy looking at a hot chick you didn’t even know you hit a car?”

“I lost my mind after seeing your face. The memory of you screaming my name in that restaurant bathroom clouded my mind” he said looking at me like I was naked.

I swore in that restaurant that was going to be the last time I let him manipulate me but then seeing him now, my body defiled me and my cookie was already screaming for him.

“Why not let me drop you off at home? My mechanic would pick up your car and it will be good as new when he is done with it”

“I can take an uber home okafor.”

I couldn’t risk being alone in a room with him. I don’t trust myself not to succumb to him and that’s something im not interested in having. But as it would happen, glo thought it was a good time to disappear on me. I had no choice but to accept his offer to drive me home. The drive home was pleasant and I had forgotten all about my anger at him. I invited him inside for a drink but instead, I got served. After a glass of whisky, I couldn’t resist his charm anymore and I let him kiss me.

“I’ve missed you so much Zara.”

His mouth tasted like whisky and I got high on him. I knew I should stop there but then, why stop? After all Okafor’s law states that once you’ve been there, you can get there again. I kissed him hungrily and pulled him closer, started to pull his shirt but he held my hands

“Patience my love, patience.”

He kissed me slowly and everything started to play in slow motion. I felt his hot breath on me as he travelled between my earlobes and my neck. He took off my top and I was glad I chose to buy my underwear from the mahogany online shop.It was the black lacy bra that came with matching c-string and a lacy stocking that goes all the way up my thighs. He took off my bra

“Your breasts are so beautiful”

He buried his head between my tits, took out his dick, brought out lubeand massaged my breast.

“do you always walk around with lube?”

He slid his dick between my tits and fucked my boobs, putting his dick in my mouth as he thrust his hips continually, moaning. He took my nipple in his mouth and gently bit into it. It was a glorious feeling. He put a finger in my already soaked vagina and started to move a little just to tease me. He brought his finger out and licked my juices off it. He took a step back and told me to touch myself while he watched me. I rubbed my clit with my hand in a circular motion rotating my hips as I went higher and higher but I wasn’t ready to end this. I got up and walked to him never taking my eyes off him. I pulled down his zipper and brought out his dick (he doesn’t ever wear any underwear), wet my lips and got to work on that ‘d’

‘Fuck Zara’ he moaned.

He held my head and started to fuck my mouth. Deep-throating turns me on and so I opened my legs and started to finger myself hard and fast. He suddenly pushed me away from him and onto the floor, he pulled my legs apart and took my ‘little dick’’-as he likes to call my clitoris- in his mouth and started to suck aggressively on them, tongue fucking me. I came hard and strong, my whole body was vibrating for at least 50s. He flipped me around and slid into me from behind, bending my back deeply as he fucked me like a savage, squeezing my boobs and moving faster and harder. Another orgasm hit me and Okafor came alongside me, screaming my middle name ‘Udeme’ as he exploded within me.

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