Okafor and the law.

I can write a whole library about Lagos road users and half the books there would be about stupid drivers like the one that just hit my car.

“are you blind or something?”

I said to him but he was so engrossed in what he was looking at that he didn’t even spare me a glance, talk less of reply me. I followed his eyes to see what was holding his attention ; a very big ass in a really tight dress. I walked into his line of sight and lo and behold, there stood Okafor My ex from hell.

“oh my God! Zara. It is you. Wow, you look smashing” he said running his eyes over me.

I recognised that look and it means trouble. The last time I saw the look was when I ran into Okafor at a conference 2 yrs ago. He was one of the speakers but all through the event, his eyes were on me from across the room, doing things to me. He was running his hands all over my body without even touching me. I made the mistake of accepting to have dinner with him after the conference. Dinner was lovely, he kept giving me ‘the look’ while at the same time telling jokes and cracking me up. I was already soaked and so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. A few moments later, he walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

“What are you doing here? It’s the girls bathroom.”

“you know you want me here” he said walking towards me. “I can tell you’re horny and you want me. You’ve been squeezing your legs tight underneath the table and cracking your neck. You do that when you want me.”

He was in front of me now and it was so hard to think with him running his hand over my breasts.

“we broke up” I said breathlessly “we shouldn’t be doing this.”

He lifted up my skirt, shifted my pant and slid a finger into me. I gasped. He moved his hands steadily inside me, put another finger and increased his pace. I was ecstatic , lost in pleasure. I had nothing else but him to hold for support when I was getting close to orgasm he stopped and started kissing me not taking his fingers out of me. It was torture.

“don’t stop now” I said

He slid a third finger Inside me and started moving again, slowly.

“ say you love cock” he said to me

“I love cock”

“say you love my cock”

“I love your cock, okafor” he moved his hands faster.

“ say you want my cock all up in your cunt”

“I want your cock all up in my cunt”

I moaned loudly not caring who heard. He slid the fourth finger into me and fucked me fast. I screamed as an orgasm shattered my soul, squirting all over. My legs were weak, I could feel his erection pressing against me.

“let’s finish this at your place, I’ll be waiting outside” he said and left the bathroom.

I cleaned up, left the bathroom and went back to our table. But when I got there, Okafor was gone. Not a trace of him or his car outside and he didn’t even pay the bill. Seeing him now after 2 years and he’s giving me that look again. To be continued…

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