It’s a struggle for most women to balance their sexuality with cultural backgrounds that values purity. Most especially when it comes to self-pleasure. The feelings are quite complicated when it comes to masturbation, most times it comes with extreme guilt that last way too long. This, often leads to depression, hate for oneself, shame, feeling dirty and unworthy.

It’s often people from more conservative background, who experience self-guilt during self-pleasures like masturbation.

Cultural tradition is not the only thing keeping many women from enjoying self-love. Some say NO to solo sessions because they are ashamed of what they fantasize about. If a woman in a relationship has fantasies about someone other than her partner, her shame may prevent her from stimulating herself.

Sometimes it the physical act of masturbation that that’s guilt provoking, and sometimes it’s the fantasies that induce the guilt e.g. fantasying about a threesome.

But why does masturbation guilt still take hold, even in some societies that sends positive messages about sex and body acceptance?


A lot of women have been brainwashed into thinking masturbation is a sin and shameful act. For this reason, they would detest from any form of self-pleasure, and if they find themselves engaged in such acts, an overwhelming guilt take over them.


Even in societies that sends positive messages on sex and sexuality, many women are still ignorant. They don’t even know what they are doing and they think such acts are abnormal. So they try to control it, to fight the urge. But masturbating is completely normal.

  1. SHAME:

Many people approach masturbation as a private act, so they feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss it, even if they understand that self-love is perfectly normal.


Most women do not reach orgasm during sex. Some only achieve orgasm during self-pleasure.  This brings the feeling of guilt to the woman, especially if she is in a relationship.


Sometimes or some days, our libido is extremely high and we cannot explain, even to our partners. So we take solace in self-pleasure, which has the capacity to satisfy our high libido. But we end up feeling guilt as soon as the act is over.

Guilt can be a useful feeling, but guilt over masturbation is very unhealthy. To overcome this, body exploration experiment is very important. It is important that to encourage women to take time to fantasize and connect fantasy with the experience of touch. The world is at your fingertips— literally.


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