Partying like a good girl

So I was at a party yesterday or should I say this morning. For the first time this year,I was actually not overdressed or under dressed for an occasion like I usually am. I went with three other sweet-looking girls and we had maximum fun. I had so much wine,red wine, if you'll believe that. Those who know me well,would know I hate red wine. These days though,its as if that's the only alcohol left in the world besides vodka. I drank myself under the table and kept wishing for something rolled up and lighted all morning. And oh,I danced! I danced for almost 3hours!! And I even had to swap my heels for flats. I think I danced with almost every male in the hall or it looked that way to me at the time. Got a lotta cards and cash in my dress by the time I left the hall. Apart from the heavy drinking and dancing,I was surprising well behaved. No flirtationships,no stolen kisses with strangers,no phone numbers or pins exchanged. No naughtiness. I was stoned but I had fun,and I left the hall while I was still sane enough to walk back to my room. I think I might be in danger of becoming a good girl 🙂

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