I say, “Sorry, Onyi, I hope you’re okay with this?” I want to sound polite.
“She’s over-okay!” Freda says, and they both laugh.
“Cool then.” I say. “Freda, put the soup in the microwave please before NEPA takes the light.”
I slip out of my combat shorts and boxers. Of course, I have a huge one already. I’m 8 inches plus. I’ve measured with a ruler before. Onyi looks impressed. I smile with pride.
Sometimes, I get sad about my size. Most women love to see and touch big prick but they don’t like to fuck it. Not fair if you ask me.
“Pass me tha’ lotion,” I tell her.
“Onyi, show him some ass dear, the nigger loves ass like a goat.” Freda says. She places the soup in the microwaves and she grabs the lotion from me and helps me smear a dollop on my prick.



“Onyi, show him na.” Freda insists.
I’m working my prick now. She stands, unbuckles, boy, she’s got great height and figure. She tugs at her zipper and turns around, pulls her jean down and bends. Sweet sensations rush through my body and I want to melt. Onyi is wearing Black Lace Thongs, my number one weakness. Her ass is brown, big, smooth and shiny, all the TV light was on it.
“Onyi, can he touch?” Freda says.
“Awwww … okay, if he wants.”
I bring my face closer. Her ass is warm and has a nice smell.
‘Easy Chizy,’ Freda says. ‘Let me get the glass.’ She runs off to the kitchen.
I wanted to feel every part. I had to feel it so i grab Onyi’s ass, I kiss the cheeks and I part her thongs to the side and I lick her asshole. I stick my tongue inside, I fuck her asshole with my tongue, she moans.


Freda appears and she says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are we getting into here?” and she presses my head closer to the ass, Onyi moans louder. My mind just goes back to Toyin-days and the naughty good times we use to have. One quickie we had at her parent’s very early in the morning. We could hear her mum in the kitchen very close to her room and we went ahead with our business.
My imaginations are running wild and I feel the explosion coming.

“Freda, the glass!” I shout. She’s not fast enough, I shoot what I think is 2 days load on her arms before I get my target right and I shoot the rest in the wine glass, 3 days load, a quarter of the glass. Onyi’s all wow when she turns to see it. She holds the wine glass up to the light and I sit there covering my face, as they keep saying “wow, wow, Chizy North.”
Onyi looks horny and her nipples are hard through her tank top. That’s the only piece of clothing on her. She had taken off her thongs and jeans and places them on the bed. She sits carelessly on the bed and spreads her leg. I get a view of her pussy and the crazy thoughts start to creep back in. She looks at me and winks.

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