Pleasing u did me

Baby had his tongue in me..his hands holding me place..stopping me from squirming

Baby had his face on me..his mouth blowing on me..sending shivers down my spine

Baby put his canines to work..nibbling me gently..teasing me to cum

Baby added some funk to it..his thumb on my clit..flicking me..making me squirt.

Cos I'm pleased..and I'm grateful.. I want to please him like he did me

I take him in my mouth..brushing my tongue up on his tip

I feel him grow harder.. I stroke him in circles..teasing him like that

I take his balls in my after the other..then the whole him

I spit some juice on him and he rewarded me with the sweetness of a pre-cum

I swallowed some and gave back some..Baby held my head in place

I let him dictate with my hair in his hands and my mouth all over him

Cos I had the right buttons and all the time in the world.. I let him show me how to please he did me

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