Every lady loves a man with a good body, strong muscles and charming looks. Our man crush today, Obi Obadike has all that and more. Obi Obadike is a world renowned celebrity trainer, fitness expert and personality.

Our man crush isn’t some frightful looking fitness trainer. He is a well built, handsome looking, dark in complexion man. Although he is bald and doesn’t keep beards, he is still very handsome looking. He has got jaw-dropping huge chest, well distinct and toned muscles with strong arms that can make any woman go crazy. We also enjoy that he always like to show off his amazing smile.Obi Obadike disclosed that growing up as kid he was very skinny and used to be made fun of all the time in high school, so the main incentive why he started lifting weight was to sculpt his body to a point where the name calling would stop.Today, Obi has graced the covers of over fifty fitness magazines and has  written over hundred articles,  making  him one of the most published  fitness expert over the past decade. He has graced more fitness magazine covers than any other African-American fitness professional. He currently writes for Let’s not forget that our professional body builder also looks dapper in suits.His favorite exercises are, Flat dumbbell chest press, barbell curls, T-bar rows, triceps push downs, leg presses and hack squats. His diet consists of turkey, chicken, lean steak, green veggies, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, baked potatoes.Obi’s philosophy on fitness: “I love what I do because I have the ability to transform a person physically and mentally and that is a priceless feeling not only as a trainer, but also as a writer. Knowing you can help someone attain a body they desire and be healthy throughout their life is a rewarding feeling.”

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