There is nothing as comfortable as taking off your clothes after a stressful day and sitting naked for some minutes before hitting the shower or the bed as the case might be. Sleeping is very important to the human body and getting a sound sleep has a huge number of benefits and not getting enough sleep is a serious health problem in different parts of the world.
But, did you know that there are additional benefits of sleeping in your birthday suit? Let’s explore some of the benefits of sleeping in the nude.
1.It helps you sleep better
Sleeping should be comfortable, resting should not come with any form of discomfort and 99% of the time, our clothes can make us uncomfortable, a tight underwear, a sticky short or a ruffled top can interfere with our sleep and cause us discomfort. Sometimes, our clothes prevent us from feeling sleepy while we toss and turn to no end. Sleeping nude helps regulate our body temperature allowing us drift easily into sleep without having to worry about our sweaty mess
2. It lowers your risk of breast cancer
The same way we enjoy being given space to catch our breath at any given time so do our breasts need air to breathe. Sleeping with tight restrictive clothing around that region can increase chances of having breast cancer. It is a free tip to help prevent cancer, let your boobs roam freely when you sleep and feel your boobs gain their confidence.
3. It is good for your veejay
Instead of douching and getting all the vaginal cleansing products. Why don’t you try sleeping naked and allow your vagina feel refreshed? Sleeping naked can reduce infections in your vaginal region, yeast production for example thrives in a humid and moist environment. Tossing your clothes and tucking yourself in naked can help keep your veevee healthy.
4. It keeps your skin fresh
Everyone wants to have a glowing and fresh skin and sleeping naked helps achieve that. Imagine the relief that comes with taking off your cloth before going to bed after being covered up all day. This gives your skin an opportunity to breathe and diminish the bacteria and sweat that builds up during the day.
5. It builds your body image
If you find it difficult appreciating your body image, try sleeping naked. Sleeping naked helps you know and accept your body, getting acquainted with every part of your body while you sleep at night works wonders, at first you may detest the idea but with time, your confidence grows and no one can take your sexy back.
6. It can balance your melatonin and growth hormones
These hormones prevent aging, helps you sleep better and are essential to your good health. Keeping your sleeping environment below 70 degrees at night will help your body regulate these hormones. Thinking of slowing your aging process? You should consider sleeping naked more often.
7. It can improve your relationship
Sleeping naked with your partner beside is great for your relationship. Picture lying beside your partner and making skin on skin contact while you talk about your day. It builds intimacy, whether you are cuddling or thinking of having great sex, this type of contact leads to more sex and makes your body release huge amounts of neurotransmitter called oxytocin, which makes you feel so good and fills your mind your mind with happy thoughts. Who wouldn’t like to experience that kind of bliss with their partner?
8. It’s more comfortable
Sleeping naked is simply easier, instead of putting on new clothes you take them off, it’s cheaper (you don’t have to worry about buying PJs) you save your clothes, meaning you may have to wash less, lesser health problems (save more money) and all round comfort. Seriously, I don’t think there is anything better than sleeping naked. Buy more bed sheets and relax and have a great sleep plus life.

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