Chike and I met in the gym. When he took his shirt off on the first day to do press-ups, I knew I’d fuck him. I just ended a terrible relationship and I needed great sex to forget my ex.

He seemed to notice me very quickly. I often dressed in bright gym outfits and commanded attention with my presence.

He came to talk to me after one of our sessions.  I was sitting on the stairs.

“Hello” I pretended not to hear him as I texted a friend. I didn’t look up.

“Hello” he repeated. No response. I kept up with my text.

He leaned in and tapped me. I looked up to meet his gaze.

A smile spread across his face. “You seem so engrossed in what you were doing” he said.

I responded with a smile.

“Uhm, I’m Chike” he stretched out his hands.

“Olivia” I said and shaked him.

We stared at each other till he broke the silence.

“Took notice of you, since you started working out. You always look lovely”


He continued “Well, I heard you telling the instructor Emeka you wanted a rounder and firmer butt. You may need to increase your squats and glutes kickbacks”

I laughed “I’m just here to tone up and combat stress’. I’ll go at my own pace. Im not aiming to look like Nicki Minaj”

He smiled shyly.

Ok. I actually wanted  to give you this. My birthday is on Saturday and I’m having a little party over at my place”

He handed me a card. I studied it.

I was free but I cooked up an excuse. I told him I had a wedding to attend and I couldn’t miss it. He looked disappointed. I just wanted to be alone with Chike. Not in the company of people.

“I can make it up to you. I’m going to see the movie ‘Fast and furious 7’ on Thursday and my best friend cancelled our date. Would you like to come? ”

He paused for some seconds. “What time on Thursday?”

“6pm. Ozone Cinemas.  Movie starts by 6:15”  I wrote my phone number at the back of the card and handed it back to him.

“It’s a date. Looking forward to thursday” he said.

Thursday came and I wore the sexiest gown I owned. I was on a mission to seduce Chike. I needed some sexual healing and he was going to give it to me. The movie went well and we went to my place thereafter. I opened up a bottle of red wine and sat next to him . We started off with small talk about family, hobbies and favourite movies. Then we moved on the second bottle of wine.


I made the first move, gently stroking his thighs while I pretended to listen to his story. When he didn’t take my hand off, I moved to his abs and leaned in for a kiss.

He didn’t push me away. He returned my kisses passionately..  He dove right back in, kissing while throwing his tongue deep within my mouth. I reciprocated his action.

“You sure about this?” he asked.

“I have wanted you for as long as I can remember”


“I’ve had this secret little fantasy to make love with you for a long time” he said

“The feeling is mutual” I chuckled.

Slowly, I turned his head toward mine and nibbled on his lip. He returned the favour by kissing me more aggressive and began stroking my thigh. He stopped his hand just short of my hemline and went back to kissing me. The fire between my legs needed to be put out somehow, but I kept on kissing him back.  I could feel him get harder and harder.

My honeypot was starting to feel the effect of his kisses. He turned me around and hugged me to him. My back to his chest, he began to kiss my neck and rub my shoulders. Damn, this boy knew how to treat a girl! I wiggled my ass against the front of his jeans and he laughed against my neck.

We tore off our clothes and he took one of my soft breast in his hand. He pinched my right nipple and slowly rolled it in between his forefinger and thumb. A tiny moan escaped my lips and he laughed.

“You like that?” He teased.

I nodded.

He pinched my nipples again, but harder and more aggressive. Then he pulled them towards each other and gave a sharp tug before he let go and they bounced back into place. I was moaning loudly, but this time I had a quiver in my voice. A wave of heat rolled through me and he kissed me roughly on the stomach. Slowly he trailed up and latched onto my right nipple. He flicked me with his tongue on one while he twisted the other globe with his fingers. I had a tiny shake as shivers rose up my spine.


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