After a long week with hustling and stressful activities, the need to relax cannot be over emphasized. For me personally I relax and let go off stress by “belly breathing.” I learnt about belly breathing from  a friend and I has helped me a lot. Belly breathing has a way of relaxing your nerves and relieving off stress. You can also use belly breathing to relax before a sexual encounter (in fact, I recommend it), or to ground yourself whenever you need to feel more centered and calm. Belly breathing is really good and you should try it.

Here is the technique of belly breathing: you might want to use somewhere with solitude and a place free from distraction. But if not it’s fine. Just make sure you are concentrating on yourself and your mind is in the activity you are doing and not wandering elsewhere.

Lie comfortably on your back. Place one hand on your abdomen. Slowly breathe in through your mouth. Breathe as if you are drawing breath down through your body, into your legs and toes. Then slowly exhale. Your stomach should rise and fall with this breath. Feel the air flowing all the way into your lungs and all the way out again. Visualize the air as a white light that relaxes and energizes at the same time. Do two or three belly breaths and then breathe normally for a couple of minutes. Do the belly breathing again. While doing this second round, pause for three seconds between breathing out and breathing in. Don’t pause between breathing in and breathing out. The inhale and exhale should be one seamless process. Do several more rounds of belly breathing in this manner. Breathe normally for a couple of minutes and then repeat the belly breathing cycle.

Repeat this exercise for about twenty minutes daily and experience the freedom as you unburden yourself from stress. Smile.

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