Robyn Rihanna Fenty; music goddess and sex symbol

Woman crush Wednesday, woman crush everyday is the singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty popularly known as Rihanna. She is one of our most beloved celebrities. Her songs just know how to make blood rush to your favourite parts.

From the moment the good girl gone bad was released in 2007, Rihanna has been in the spot light. With songs like Pon de replay, Umbrella, unfaithful, S&M to every song on the Anti album, Rihanna leaves you wanting more of her. She literally leaves you with wild thoughts, Dj Khalid picked the right person for the song.

Her song Love on the brain was among the top 5 on the billboard hot 100 for weeks. Listening to that song just gets shivers running down my spine. Watching any live performance by Rihanna is something that leaves you breathless. Every move she makes, her eyes, her lips, her whole body is just on fire. She doesn’t need big breast or bombom to seduce you, all she needs to do is sing for you or even just look at you. Her video of kiss it betterfrom the Anti album is better than some X-rated videos. Small breasts have never been cuter.

She’s not only a successful musician, she’s an actress and a humanitarian. She runs foundations all over the world cos she believes in giving back to the community especially the children even though her own greatest fear is child birth.

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