Maybe it was love at first sight, but I wouldn’t even know what that is. I wouldn’t deny there was an attraction of some sort going on in the chocolate factory, and it was sending sparks and tension everywhere.

James was our new supervisors, although not so new to me. We have met at the local bar a couple of times, shared a drink or two, but that was as far as it went. I learnt James was recently divorced, I’m could only imagine the horror he must be going through, finding out that his three years old daughter was not his. I know it’s none of my business, but how long was his ex-wife cheating on him, their marriage was just 5years.

Seeing James every day at the chocolate factory made my heart flutter, although I never told anyone, but I have been crushing on James since the day I set my eyes on him. I figured James and I working in the factory must be a good opportunity for us to hook up.

It wasn’t long before an opportunity came along and we got a chance to hook up. It was closing hours and every other person was rushing to go home. But I stayed back because James always stayed back at the factory after work for a few hours. Probably because he had no family to go to. This was when I decided to try my luck.

I tiptoed into James office with bottles of beers I previously smuggled into the factory. James was surprised to see me, but he was very nice. We chatted, drank, laughed and was having a good time at the office, but then came the awkward silence. I seized the opportunity and leaped up to kiss him. It was nothing special, but I enjoyed it.

James was taken aback, but he did hesitate. It seemed like he was expecting it, if I hadn’t kissed him, he probably would have. Lost in the heat of the moment, we were so hungry to eat each other up. I guess James was so horny considering the fact that he was going through a bad divorce. I could only imagine the last time he was with a woman, but what did I care.

There wasn’t really anything special about the rump between James and me. It was the usual basic missionary sex on the office table. This definitely isn’t one I will be willing to add to my body count. The rump was fast and easy, there were loud noises and moans, coming from where we were engaged in lust. The sounds we made echoed through the chocolate factory, but there was nothing to worry about, since it was just the two of us in the factory.

We reached our climax, and I smiled, mission accomplished. But probably a waste of body count for me, but a much needed release for him. James looked happy and relieved, but I’m sure what happened tonight will never be spoken of between us.





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