Condoms, safe sex and pleasure. do they go?

! I asked 10 different people what they thought about sex with condoms and 7 people said it makes sex less pleasurable. And the others said they were indifferent about it. One of the women we asked, a 27 year old girl Linda (not real name) who said she hadn’t used a condom in over a year said she used birth control pills instead to prevent pregnancy. Chioma said she could never get her boyfriend to use condoms because it reduced the sensations and made her vagina dry up instead. 

Just like we were told, condoms do more than prevent pregnancy. They are the best option to safest sex and preventing STIs. But, how do you practice safe sex while making it pleasurable at the same time. You are in the right place. We came up the best ways to make safe sex pleasurable with condoms at the same time.

5 tips to make sex pleasurable with condoms

1. Choose the right texture of condom

The right fit completely changes the experience of sex with condoms. Condoms that feel too tight can reduce the sensations for the wearer and takes too long to wear- this can deflate the erection and take the fun out of the sex. To know the right fit, try rolling the raincoat all the way down to the base of his penis, then it’s not the right size.

With this in mind, go for a texture that doesn’t take away the sensations felt during sex. Swirled and Dotted condoms provide pleasure for the women as well as the men. The texture increases stimulation and maximizes pleasure at the same time.  

A tip on using dotted or swirled condoms , it’s important to remember that sensations will be enhanced so you might want to experiment with the speed of thrusts to enhance pleasure further and prevent a premature finish. Try Polyurethane prophylactic condoms- they are not latex. These condoms increase body heat and make intercourse feel more sensual and intimate.

2. Add lubes to your condoms

Lubes are a must for every sex type and experience. Only that this time the lubes are used in a different way. Put two drops of water based lubes inside the condom before wearing it (not more than 2 drops or it may slide off).  This will increase sensations at the tip of the penis and make it more pleasurable for the wearer. Use this trick for condoms with large pouch at the tip. With this type of condom the pouch rolls at the tip providing extra sensations and pleasure. Water based lubes only makes it more intense. Opt for water based lubes like the Make me Wild Organic Lubricant

3. Wear the condoms in a sexy way

You want your partner to look forward to the sex experience even with the condoms. I like to say sex first begins in the mind and arousing your partner’s mind before sex will make him look forward to something exciting before the sex. Place the condoms using your tongue, lips and hand. Apply lubes (opt for organic lubes) on your lips and suck the condom into your mouth with the nipple part inward. Wrap your lips over your teeth carefully, put your mouth at the head of his penis. Push your lips against the ring of the condom, slide it down his shaft, and unroll the rest with your hand.


4. Try vibrating rings

You can always put a ring on it. Wearing a cock ring or vibrating ring is pleasurable for both parties. Place the ring at the base of the penis where the condom stops. The vibrations on the clitoris will make the ride more intense and pleasurable. Plus it provides extra sensations for the wearer, and helps the erections last longer. The Superman Vibrating Cock Ring has strong vibrations to make the sex more pleasurable for both parties.

5. Modify sex positions

Add more pleasure during sex moves. Squeeze your legs tighter together in the missionary sex position or doggie to create extra pressure. Adding a twist to these positions will change the reach  of your vagina during sex. It can make it feel narrower. This will make his penis feel tighter inside you. Apply a generous amount of lubes in the vagina while at it.

There you have it. Try any of these tips or all for a more pleasurable sex experience using condoms. Safe sex is pleasurable sex. Use a condom today but make it fun! to browse through different products made to help you maximize pleasure with condoms.  Whatever you do, always use enough lubes.

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